Quizzy is 42 questions of general knowledge trivia, in 4 rounds of increasing difficulty, asked by me while I play great music between questions.

Quizzy is the oldest and finest multi-venue pub quiz in Portland, Oregon. I have written and hosted it since November of 2004.

I created it because it was the only thing I could ever think of that had the potential to keep me from having a boss (which it has, for almost 8 years now).  It is completely different from any other bar trivia in town, on account of the fact it's way less dumb.

Here is a short list of idiotic crap that, should you and your friends form a team and come to Quizzy, you will NEVER be asked about:

America's Next Top Model. Justin Beiber. Anything covered in the magazines "People" or "Us".

There, that oughta do. I accidentally saw a little bit of Entertainment Tonight recently, and they kept talking about all these idiots who make terrible music and movies and shows, and how they won American Idol or something, and they all seemed to be household names, and I had no idea who they were! And you know what? I don't want to know!  I'm afraid if I learn a single fact about Kelly Clarkson, it might occupy some tiny region of my frontal lobe that's currently concerned with some knowledge about something that isn't absolutely awful, and I might lose that thing forever.

At Quizzy, I will ask you about music and movies, as well as science, literature, geography, history, and art.  But you will never be rewarded for knowing stupid shit that someone downloaded 2 weeks ago and people already use the word "iconic" to describe. Well, maybe 0.5% of the time. Which is better than the 70% offered by every other game in town, I reckon.