When In Doubt, Blame Conservatism (And You'll Likely Be Right)

Wow. I am clearly not the first (or 1,000th) to be cheated by this CheapoAir. The only odd thing is that I was actually surprised, or thought that anyone might have the power to stop it.
I just read the first 50 complaints out of hundreds against this shady-ass website, and there were a lot of similarities to my own, going back a long time. And many of them were much, much worse. At least I wasn't stranded in China with no money. I just couldn't really afford another $700 hit at the end of the holidays, after missing a lot of work. So I got another Amtrak ticket! I loove being on the train. Plus it's socialist!

These are the sorts of shenanigans Elizabeth Warren and others would like to regulate and punish. But the very notion of governmental consumer protection (once mandated on both sides of the aisle out of political necessity, and perhaps even decency) is now the stuff of the dirty Socialist. It's amazing (even to me, and capitalists never amaze me) how low a point we've reached in our sociopathological obsession with the Free Market. Yet somehow I think the nadir is yet to come.

The new Right actually regards as self-evident the right of the business world to exploit and defraud the population without consequence. Seriously!
I knew I could blame this on conservatives somehow; it just turned out to be incredibly easy and obvious to do so. You know - onaccounta the ten thousand shades of blood on their hands? Bathed from cuticle to clavicle they are, the rotten fuckers.

This Thursday, I will give thanks that I'm still allowed to give an evil monopoly a hundred bucks a month to get obsolete internet service and watch Portland Trailblazers games. And somewhere, off in a castle with a moat and drawbridge, some Comcast exec will give thanks that he was able to smother my city's plans for free municipal wifi, and crush our decades-old system of broadcasting Blazers games for free. That's what the "Framers" would've wanted, I am sure.

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