Logic (All Red-Hot And Circular-Like)

I'm pleased to say that Quizzy is once again humming along quite nicely. Frankly, I credit myself for being so goddamn entertaining. But as much as I'd like to think it's all due to my greatness, even I can feign humility - especially when it comes to you - the Quizzy player and fan.

In American football they call the fans the "12th Man" (which Seattle has now cleverly claimed as their own). American football and its Canadian cousin are the 2 distinct varieties of gridiron football. The "gridiron" comes from the way the field markings resemble a grilling surface. Weber grills rule, and anyone who uses a gas grill doesn't deserve to have any friends at all - let alone ones who will eat terrible food in their back yards. The Weber company was founded in Illinois in 1893, and its name has absolutely nothing to do with philosopher Karl Weber. He was too busy that year founding the Pan-German League because he hated Pollocks so much. Strangely, though, much like Ayn Rand, he had a so-called "circle" of followers - which is noteworthy because Weber grills are round.

There WILL be a quiz on this.

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