My Love Is Agape - In More Ways Than One*!

Here are some actual lyrics to an actual song I actually just heard on Christian rock radio in my car: "Do you wanna know how far my love goes? How wide, how deep?"

No, seriously. You gotta be pretty pure to write, perform, and produce something like that without anyone going "Hey, wait a sec..."

I bet everyone involved except the singer thought about it, but they didn't say anything because they were terrified he'd freak out and fire them, or condemn them to hell for being so filthy. Meanwhile he has the biggest harem of groupies ever, all of whom he's talked into believing that his semen is tantamount to baptismal waters. You know, like every pious-ass creep of a fundamentalist preacher in the world?

What's also odd is that the lyrics are in the first person - which means the band is apparently fronted by Jesus Christ himself. Or perhaps God. No wonder they're afraid of him. I'm not so much afraid of God as I am of the people who actually believe he exists. Weirdos.


* "Agape" (ah-GOP-ay") love is pure Christian love, as opposed to "Eros". Get it?!

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