The Best Olive Oil Is Called "Butter", And Winter Doesn't Exist

I'm gonna do another Quizzy at my house on Friday, with a big fire and Irene's (my dead mom's) beef vegetable soup, served with a piece of baguette with cold butter on it. You dip the bread into the soup and eat it as the butter melts all over that motherfucker, and then you wanna scream. It takes 2 days to cook. I'm even gonna do a meatless version that I'll try to make reasonably hearty, whilst violating every law of nature and pretending our teeth and brains weren't made for tearing flesh from bone, just to to placate the deluded and malnourished. I'm gonna charge 5 bucks, but you get seconds.

Full bar, hot rum and cider, etc. Real cheap.
At first I was making these autumn-themed invitations with leaves and acorns and shit on them, but since all the leaves are still green and I can still jump in the river without my dick becoming an "inny", I reckon we'll go with "Indian Summer".
No complaints here, obviously.

You should watch the movie Walkabout immediately. It's like the Blue Lagoon except it's not extremely stupid and the young people don't fuck. Facebook doesn't recognize the word "movie", I just discovered. It's a strange word, I admit (like "ooh, look - them pictures is all movie and shit!"), but I'm certain it's real. I also don't understand why that site wants me to write pretentious British words like "labour" when America created it.

Anyway, if you think about the feelings you had at the age of 12, while watching Brooke Shields discover her sexuality after your parents told you not to, I can promise you they are nothing compared to those evoked by the underwater photography of one Jenny Agutter in the incredible Nicolas Roeg film Walkabout. But that has nothing to do with this perfect work of art; I just like pretending to be a pervert cuz I think it's funny. Also Jenny Agutter is extremely hot.

But Rae Dawn Chong in Quest For Fire? That I can't even write about. Too special.

Come to my shit and buy stuff so I can go on living.
I'll write more later.

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