River Liver (One Who Lives At The River, Or A Resulting Condition)

One more day. T minus 110 minutes until river submersion. Certainly this has to be summer's last little fledgling surge. It was 81 yesterday and I didn't go to the river because it ended up taking 2 days to recover from Friday night and my right knee hurts all the time now but I cancelled my doctor's appointment because it's gonna be 83 today. Run-ons are fun times. I claim license.
Can you imagine sitting in a doctors office at 2:45(!) today? I'd probably start demanding my rights under Oregon's Death With Dignity Act.
But seriously - anyone who thinks anyone should be forced to go on living when their suffering has made them not want to anymore is doing so ONLY out of selfishness or self-righteousness.
Along with White River Falls, the Death With Dignity Act is one of the things we have here about which I am most proud. That right is as inalienable as free speech. And of course you should be able to get married to whoever you want, and smoke pot if you want to (I don't only because it turns me into a blabbermouth idiot who gets nothing done and gains 10 pounds in 3 hours.)
I think we're getting somewhere, actually. People, I mean. All my friends seem to think humanity is doomed, but I've always believed we are evolving (however painfully slowly) towards a more peaceful and rational species of beings who laugh at more of my jokes.
How do you look at a timeline that includes medieval feudalism, then say, slavery, and the mass murder of unfettered capitalism during the Industrial Revolution, and then look around you today and conclude we're headed straight down the shitter to extinction?
So pull your head out of the gloomhole today, nay-sayers. I dunno - maybe I'm unwittingly preparing for a career in motivational speaking, but I'm goddamn happy as shit right now.
Party time.
Go git 'em, Bernie.

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