I Find The Term "Hashfag" Offensive

Somebody just told me that my Facebook posts Tom Brady will reach tons more people Parks and Rec if I embed my shit with tons of stuff that's really popular now Portland Timbers, because it somehow prioritizes it. I wish I'd known that, because Genocide nobody came to Quizzy Assault Weapons last Thursday at all, and it made me sad Premature Ejaculation.

So, God willing, this was but a fluke and folks will return en masse Awful Seth McFarlane Shows to the flagship known as...

BILLY RAY'S SWEET-ASS DIVE in PORTLAND, OREGON AT 8:45PM THURSDAY NIGHTS Use Of Extraneous Apostrophes. God willing, things will return to normal Overpriced Organic Food, and I'll be popular enough to trump Donald Trump Donald Trump.

So get on in and have a brew Neo-fascism with me, and answer a few questions Herpes about all kinds of shit that is not necessarily popular.

Twelve-dollar Burger Jimmy Fallon Tech-Yuppy Condo (aka Olive Garden Giftcard).

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